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Together at the Top

Are You Ready?

Are you looking for freedom in your career, freedom in your relationships, in your time, money, and even in purpose? Are you ready to become the person of your vision?

Are you ready for your next big journey?




Build a Magnificent Life

Welcome to a culture of teamwork, inclusion, and support that is endless. We understand the demands of business and provide the personal and professional support needed to flourish. ARBay provides the #1 rated training platform through our partnership with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. Our Career Launch System pairs LeadingRE’s virtual training with one-on-one and small in-house group sessions. Perhaps the most impactful learning transformations happen during our weekly team meetings or what we like to call Wisdom Sessions. In celebrating our successes, and learning from our mistakes, we master our craft and solidify ourselves, avoiding the “alone on an island” feeling new agents often feel. We’ve got your back!

Business Meeting
Fists in Solidarity

The Perfect Fit

We are on a journey discovering teammates that are grounded, connected to their community and hearts, team-oriented, growth-minded, integrous, and vulnerable…

…that believe their future can be more compelling than their past.

We believe each teammate has a unique fingerprint bringing something useful or intriguing to the team, such as a wonderful sense of humor, compelling personal experiences, or a wide range of individual gifts and talents.

Write your story with us.


Our Story

Ayre Rhinehart’s journey began with Jim Ayre and Dick Rhinehart on a ping pong table in Jim’s basement. Almost 40 years later the transition to Bay County began with a simple conversation between old friends. When six agents seeking change, stability, and caring culture, met a Broker with energy and experience, who was brave enough to bring it all together.

Ayre Rhinehart Bay was born. 

To learn more about Ayre Rhinehart Bay, the team, and how it all began check out the video series below where Badger, Jim, and Melissa share their journeys in real estate and the birth of another story.  



Career Launch System Podcast 

Continue The Conversation

Call us for an easy and confidential conversation to explore your future and achieve your plan. It all starts with discovering our hearts and soul and realizing we control our own narratives.


We invite you to join us on our journey, reach your vision, and finish your story with us. 


Jim Diedrich

Melissa Beckrow

Badger Beall



Managing Broker


Managing Broker



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